Quality Control


Process Flow Test Parameters Frequency
Raw Materials Quality Control Physical Test Minimum 3 Samples per Ship or Vessel
Chemical Test During unloading period, daily 3~4 nos of all samples is collected, After Physical Test, one part of each collection is stored & after 3~4 days, an average is prepared as sample for Chemical Test.
Production Process Control & Sampling in both Ball Mill & VRM Every Hour Physical Test Hourly
Chemical Test Hourly
Physical Test Daily
Finished Products (Packer 1&2) Chemical Test Minimum 3 nos/Week

Quality Control


One-stop Chemical Analysis

Quality Control
Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) is the most modern technology for analyzing chemical composition of a matter. Bashundhara Cement is the only user of EDXRF among all cement brands in Bangladesh. To ensure its best quality of the product, EDXRF has been adopted in both the factories. The mechanism of this machine is to screen and analyze the right composition of the raw materials mixed in the product. It helps to control product quality and ensure the best performance of the cement in a steady and dependable way.

Exclusive Services of EDXRF:

  • Rapid analysis
  • Nondestructive analysis
  • Easily analysis of the element among the same family elements
  • High Accurate analysis
  • Easy qualitative analysis


Quality Control
Bashundhara Cement has highly equipped laboratories in both the factories to provide constant and smooth product performance. With the application of advanced machineries, it is possible to evaluate and analyze product quality, achieve prompt test results and provide other technical services according to customer requirement.